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Ant Mill / Settima Estinzione

Originated from an art residency aimed at exploring universal themes such as evolution and extinction in close relation to the environmental crisis, the project is expressed by a fifty-minute performance that integrates an audio-visual narrative which evokes the cyclicality of terrestrial life, inquiring the man / nature relationship and the results of this interaction.

The body of texts, from which the seven tempos of the musical suite arise, are inspired by the flooding of the Cervo torrent - Piedmont, 2020 - the damage of which led to the destruction, among others, of the Hydro artistic research and experimentation center (Fondazione Pistoletto).

The poetic restitution of this catastrophic event unfolds through a mestizo sound between folk, post rock, electronic and jazz, in an overall structure that refers to the prog aesthetic. The visual imagery is inspired by the romantic concept of ruins as well as cyclicality and cosmogony.

Next: Oct 13th Hydro, Biella / Oct 14th RoBOt Festival, Bologna

April 27/28/29th — BIKO / Argo16 / Off Topic Torino

Premiere at Nextones

Ant Mill
Ant Mill

Ant Mill

Daniele Patton

Cymbals / Drums

Marta Del Grandi

Vocals / Guitar

Michele Marchetti


Carlotta Sillano

Vocals / Piano / Guitar

Gabriele Bertotti

Visual Artist

Giovanni Corgiat

Keys / Live Electronics


Denis Longhi

Residency Concept / Artistic Direction

Marco Klefisch

Creative Direction / Show Design / Set Design

Andrea Kudd

Production Management

Sandro Vendrame

Sound Engineering

D'Alesio & Santoro

Lighting Design

Marino Capitanio

Design Direction


Costume Design